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Tiny Is One Angry Chihuahua

Video Tiny is one angry Chihuahua
Tiny is a cute little Chihuahua. He is usually very friendly but at the time of this video recording he was a bit upset and became aggressive!...

The Best Funny Dog Compilation

Video The best funny dog compilation
The best funny dog compilation...

31 Minutes Of Best Dog And Puppy Fails

Video 31 Minutes of Best Dog and Puppy Fails
31 Minutes of Best Dog and Puppy Fails...

Denver Official Guilty Dog

Video Denver Official Guilty Dog
Denver Official Guilty Dog. They chew everything, they mess up all the house, move the furniture and more and they hate being disciplined by their masters :)) You just fall in love with their guilty faces ...

Cute Dog And Baby Video

Video Cute dog and baby video
This is a cute baby - cute dog video that shows the relationship between small children and their dogs. It is like they are trying to say to us: look, this dog is my best friend forever and we will never ...

This Husky Dog Can Talk Like No Other

Video This husky dog can talk like no other
This husky dog can talk like no other!...

Two Beautiful Dogs

Video Two Beautiful Dogs
Two Beautiful Dogs...

Labrador Retrievers Are Awesome - Must See

Video Labrador Retrievers are awesome - Must see
Labrador Retrievers are awesome - Must see. These dogs love playing and catching things as you will see in this video. They love being around children and they are well behaved too!...

Cats Not Letting Dogs Pass

Video Cats not letting dogs pass
This one will make you laugh and start wondering wether a dog is more powerful than a cat. But, then again, when you see these cats mocking the dogs, you see that some cats are more dogs than dogs :))...

Cutest Beagle Who Loves His Paper Bags

Video Cutest beagle who loves his paper bags
This cute beagle is mad about paper bags. After smelling them to see what is inside of them, softly touching them with his nose, this beautiful beagle starts tearing the paper bags apart. He then sits ...

Funny Dogs Compilation

Video Funny dogs compilation
Funny animal compilation. How could you not laugh when you see them doing all this stuff? :)) I sure laugh a lot :D...

You Must Watch This Funny Dog Bathing Compilation

Video You must watch this funny dog bathing compilation
You must this funny dog bathing compilation. Dogs + bath = no love....
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