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The Pug

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The Pug 2016

Pug Description

The Pug is a compact dog that has a square shaped body. It will feature a short coat that is smooth, and the acceptable coat colors for these dogs are black, silver, apricot, or fawn. The muzzle should always be black in color, and the ears should have the shape of roses. The eyes of the Pug should be large and dark in color. The teeth of this breed should form an undershot bite. The tail should always be held in a rigid curve, and the limbs of this breed should be powerful. When the Pug moves about, it should have a distinctive gait. The Pug is a small dog breed that originates in the Far East.

Also Known As

Chinese Pug
Dutch Bulldog
Dutch Mastiff

Country of Origin: China

Pug Temperament

The Pug is a loyal dog that will show affectionate to those that it cares for. These dogs love to play, and will display a cheerful disposition. The Pug has a personality that virtually everyone will love. However, they can be stubborn. They are known for their exceptional levels of intelligence, and they can become bored quickly if trainers use the same techniques. These dogs will react to your tone of voice. While they make fine watchdogs, they do not bark more than is necessary. The Pug is a dog that will get along with everyone, including other dogs and non-canine pets. They enjoy being around children, and are known for being sociable.

Pug Health Problems

These dogs can get sick easily. They cannot tolerate living in weather that is extremely hot or cold. They may develop allergies, and because they have a compressed muzzle, they may also be prone to having breathing problems. These dogs may have problems with their eyes, and owners will want to watch for this. The Pug has a maximum life expectancy of 15 years old.

Pug Exercise

The Pug is a powerful breed that has straight legs. They love being energetic, and owners will want to give them the exercise they need. However, it should not be overdone. These dogs cannot tolerate being exposed to extreme weather, so owners will want to give them reasonable amounts of exercise. The Pug is a great dog for people who live in apartments and does not need to have a yard.

Pug Special Grooming Needs

This breed has a short coat that is easy to maintain. Owners will want to brush the coat with a strong brush, and it should only be given a bath when it needs it. The Pug will shed a large amount of fur during its shedding season.

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