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The Mythology of Dogs by Gerald Hausman, Loretta Hausman

Tracing the literary and historical legacy of over 65 different breeds, The Mythology of Dogs is a magnificent, breed-by-breed collection of the legend and lore surrounding man’s best friend. From the Afghan to the Yorkie, fascinating stories abount, including:

The Maltese who hid under the skirt of Mary Queen of Scots at her beheading
The medieval Wolfound who bravely saved his master’s child from a marauding wolf
The Afghan whose nose got wet plugging up the holes in Noah’s Ark
The Newfoundland who valiently tried to save his owner as the Titanic went down
John Steinbeck’s Airedale, Omar, who learned to hustle blackjack players for their winnings
The Greyhounds of Ovid’s Metamorphasis, who chased and killed their master after he was turned into a stag by Diana as punishment for psying on her in a state of undress

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  • Author: Gerald Hausman, Loretta Hausman
  • Pages Count: 288
  • Language of the book: en
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  • Published date: 1997-12-15
  • Viewability: PARTIAL

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