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The German Shepherd Dog Breed History

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The German Shepherd Dog Breed History 2016

Surprisingly, one of the much loved dogs today has a little German Shepherd dog history when it comes to the distinctiveness on its breed. Also known by many as the GSD, the German Shepherd dog has been used in Germany for several decades up to now to watch not only the flock of sheep but to guard the family at the same time. Aside from that, the German Shepherd dog was also used to help the people hunt for food as well. It became the companion dog even before the era of the Roman Empire.

During those times, the people in Germany would usually pair up their dogs with another breed just to have the traits that they are looking for in a perfect dog. They would just simply ask their neighbor if they can arrange a mating with their dog and the other owner's canine. It was really a chaotic way of breeding. However, it did result to a distinctive dog which we now call as the German Shepherd dog.

More than several centuries ago, a certain man from the German Army named Captain Max von Stephanitz resigned from his post because he married someone who is not in the same class is him. Without hesitation, Captain Max von Stephanitz resigned in order to be a farmer. From there, he observed that not all the herding dogs have the size that looks dominant or tenacious that the flock of sheep would fear. As a result, some of the sheep are out of the dog's league. That is why Captain Max von Stephanitz thought of developing a dog that is attentive, courageous, reliable, brave, and tenacious all at the same time.

In 1899, the former German army founded the Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhund, SV, German Shepherd Dog Club. It was his dog named Hordand von Grafrath who became the first dog registered in the said club. At the same time, Hordand von Grafrath also became the dog to look up to when it comes to the standards of the German Shepherd dog as well.

Hordand von Grafrath also became a big part in establishing the dog requirements that are needed for the Schutzhund or dog protection activities. Max von Stephanitz was never frustrated as this is what he expected from his German Shepherd dog. There are actually three phases that a dog must go through if the owners want their German Shepherd dogs to have the Schutzhund title. It must have obedience, able to track, and of course, can protect.

In order to get the Schutzhund title, the German Shepherd dog must participate in the Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhund dog shows which they call as the Seiger. In here, judges would rate the German Shepherd dogs as VA or the most excellent dog, V or excellent, SG for very good, and G for a good grade. This is title is essential before the owners could be allowed to pair their German Shepherd dog with another German Shepherd dog.

cooper%20puppy HistoryAs soon as the Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhund became successful, it immediately published a book where dog owners will know which canines can be paired up with another German Shepherd dog, which dogs can mate with a particular dog, the age limits, and how many puppies an owner could raise. If you want your litter to be a part of the registered canines in Germany, the Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhund required that the two parents must have a G rating. The control paid off since most of the German Shepherd dogs that remained are considered the best dogs and could develop better offspring as well.

It was in 1899 to 1914 when these German Shepherd dog enthusiasts showed what their dogs can do. They demonstrated how the German Shepherd dog can be a great protector, how it can easily track, and obey the master's commands. There were even some breeders that even donated their German Shepherd dogs to the armed forces or selling their German Shepherd puppies so it can be trained to do some rescue work.

Eventually, the breeders suggested that the German Shepherd dogs must be used by the army to be their messenger and dhorand%20v%20grafeth Historyo other tasks as well including guards, search and rescue dogs, and ammunition carriers as well. The German Army was first skeptical and thought that the German Shepherd dogs are simply for amusement. But upon hearing the things that these dogs can do, they took the offer and allowed the German Shepherd dogs to be a part of the team.

During the World War I, the German Shepherd dogs impressed the soldiers by its courageousness and obedience. But aside from the German soldiers, the American as well as the English soldiers highly awed by these canines as well. When the war was over, battle stories unfold and it includes the experiences of the soldiers with the German Shepherd dogs that they treated as their comrades. The soldiers that were blinded during the war used the German Shepherd dogs as their eyes. It then lead to the founding of the so called Seeing Eye Dog.

helen%20keller%20and%20gsd%20companion HistoryBefore the end of the World War I, one soldier from America went to a German bunker. From there, he found two German Shepherd puppies without a mother. The first German Shepherd puppy died due to pneumonia. Fortunately, the second puppy made it alive and reached United States. It grew up to the infamous Rin Tin Tin, world's much-loved German Shepherd dog.

Rin Tin Tin, the German Shepherd dog that acts almost like human, became one of the most popular figures in American screen. This is a big part of the German Shepherd dog history. When the company called Warner Bros. almost reached the edge during its financial dilemma, Rin Tin Tin save the company from the brink of closing down. But aside from Rin Tin Tin, there is another canine in the German Shepherd dog history that was adored by the Americans as well – Strongheart. Eventually, every family wants to have their own Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart at home. The demand for the German Shepherd dog was overwhelming. However, Germans denied the request of the Americans to mass produce the German Shepherd dogs.

Although there were some who dearly loved the German Shepherd dogs, there are also some Americans who thought that they can earn thousands of dollars with this breed. The quality of the German Shepherd dog suffered as tons of puppies had problems with the temperament as well as health. Some who would just like to get money out of the German Shepherd dogs pair up this breed with a low quality dog which resulted to a low quality puppy as well.

During the 1928 economic depression, most of the canines including the German Shepherd dog were left in the streets to feed themselves and the breed with other dogs without control.

World War II came and so does another set of German Shepherd dog history as well. This breed became part of the Red Cross. They helped in looking for the wounded soldiers and aiding others during the war at the same time. In order lose the connection with the Germans, the German Shepherd dogs used to be called as the stehanitz%20and%20gsd HistoryAlsatians. Again, the popularity and the desire for German Shepherd dogs amplified.

However, after the World War II, the enthusiasm for the German Shepherd dog died down. This is when most people saw the result of low quality breeding of the German Shepherd dogs. Some became aggressive while others were totally out of control. Several health problems were rampant among German Shepherd dogs during that time including epilepsy, hip and elbow dysplasia, cataracts, and von Willebrand's disease.

Bu thanks to those who were really concerned with the German Shepherd dogs, the real characteristics of this breed was reborn. Aside from creating a strong new breed of German Shepherd dogs, they also tried to meet the expectations of Captain Max von Stephanitz and that is to incorporate intelligence as well as utility in German Shepherd dogs.

In 1911, the American Kennel Club registered the first GSD. Two years later, owners and breeders formed the German Shepherd Dog Club of America. Even though they have encountered various troubles along the way, dedicated breeders tried their best in order to bring back the original temperament as well as the sturdy body of the German Shepherd dogs.

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Published in Dog Breeds on 2016-16-02 The German Shepherd Dog Breed History
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