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The German Shepherd

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The German Shepherd 2016

The German shepherd combines the best qualities of every dog breed. It is a true, full of life, enduring dog, with a developed intellect, unbribed, mistrustful to strangers, vigilant, brave and a lovely friend, ready to protect its master with the sacrifice of its life. It has a well-developed defensive reflex. 

Its strong sense of smell and an excellent hearing, its inborn sense of fighting and patience makes it an irreplaceable helper for police men, the border guards, custom officers and of course for the army. It is an irreplaceable leader for blind people, a lifeguard for covered up from a snow-slip or after an earthquake, and an ore-searcher and etc. In some countries it is still used for protecting the sheep studs. The German shepherd is an extraordinary clean animal, and that's why it is raising in apartments, although its huge sizes and it's an irreproachable bodyguard. Its well-balanced nervous system, its attachment and its gratuitous love makes it a desired inhabitant for every home.

The German Shepherds are famous for their attachment and selflessness for the family, which it taking care of them. They protect their masters with a risk of their own lives, and at the same time they are disciplined, smart, playful, and mistrustful to strangers, enduring traveling, insomnia and pressure. They don't attack children. The German Shepherds are hostile only to strangers.

For national security's purposes, the German shepherd is irreplaceable, because of its strongly developed sense of smell, thanks to which it finds without any effort drugs, some ammunitions and fresh leads in investigation for criminal people.

The dogs of the breed are patient, adaptable and self-confident. They run fast, with prolonged step, without any essential shaking of the spine. They have sanguine type of nervous system – strong and well-balanced, in some dogs – till choleric – strong, but not well-balanced, the lack of balance does not relate to the masters. The dogs from the breed have a temperament, which bind them particularly strong with the human family.

germanshep006 150x150 German ShepherdThe German shepherd is the most famous dog breed, a synonym of faithfulness to its master and its family. The breed's creators are Arthur Mayer and Max von Stephanitz.

It's characterized with a strong bone system and well-developed muscles. Its build is harmonic and proportionately developed; the body is strong, tight, with skin-tight pelt. The head is massive and wedge-shaped, wide skull part and flat forehead. The nose mushroom is big and black. The jaws are strong and tough. The ears are highly put, with sharp points. The eyes are dark and expressive. The neck is under 45°'s angle, toward the spine, which is oval, wide and deep. The stomach is moderately gathered. The limbs are straightened and parallel put, providing a wide step with full unfolding of the joints. The normal movement is low-grounded trot. The pelt is middle-long, thick, rough, with thickly fitting close pelt, which on the head, ears and the front side of the legs are shorter. The color is grey-brown with different nuances, the back is black. The saturated nuances are preferred. The hair is bright in the foot and darker in the point.

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Published in Dog Breeds on 2016-16-02 The German Shepherd
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Dog Quotes

"Love Is How You Stay Alive, Even After You Are Gone." - Mitch Albom
"Death Ends A Life, Not A Relationship." - Jack Lemmon
"Dogs Are Not Our Whole Life, But They Make Our Lives Whole." - Roger Caras
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