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The Chihuahua

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The Chihuahua 2016

Chihuahua Description

The Chihuahua is a famous breed that is exceptionally small. Their heads are shaped like apples, and their muzzles are pointed. It has circular shaped eyes which are large and dark in color. The ears of the Chihuahua should always stand upright. The body of the Chihuahua has a length which is slightly taller than its height. The tail should have the shape of a sickle, and it will curl over the back or side of the dog. While many people are familiar with Chihuahuas that have short coats, they may also feature long coats as well. The acceptable coat colors for the Chihuahua include sand, fawn, silver, and chestnut. This breed is highly active, and originates in Mexico.

Chihuahua Temperament

The Chihuahua is a small dog which makes a great companion. They are brave and energetic, and will demand attention from their owners. These dogs can be stubborn, and their small size makes it easy for them to be injured. Chihuahuas are some of the most jealous dog breeds in the world, and become strongly attached to those that care for them. These dogs are wary of strangers, and can be hard to train due to their stubborn tendencies. When owners train these dogs, they will want to be kind but consistent. Because of its size, Chihuahuas are not recommended for small children, as it can bite them if they handle it roughly.

Chihuahua Health Problems

The Chihuahua may snore profusely because of its small nose. It has large eyes which are vulnerable to a number of vision problems. These dogs may also have problems with their gums, and rheumatism has been seen in this breed as well. It should not be overfed, as it gains weight easily. The Chihuahua has a maximum life expectancy of 15 years.

Chihuahua Exercise

Because Chihuahuas are so light in weight, many owners carry them around. However, this will not help the dog stay healthy. It is important for owners to walk these dogs. Because of their size, a body harness should be used instead of a collar. Chihuahuas are one of the few dog breeds that are bred to live indoors. They cannot tolerate cold weather.

Chihuahua Special Grooming Needs

Owners will want to carefully brush the coat of the Chihuahua. It can also be wiped with a wet cloth. These dogs should be given a bath twice a month, and owners should avoid getting water in their ears. The nails should be kept short, and the Chihuahua will shed standard amount of fur.

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Published in Dog Breeds on 2016-08-02 The Chihuahua
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