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The Beagle Dog Breed - Everything You Need To Know

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The Beagle dog breed - everything you need to know 2016

Everything You Need To Know About Beagles

The beagle is most certainly a breed that many dog enthusiasts certainly enjoy learning about. Beagles are of Old English hunting stock, when the mounted clans of huntsmen kept packs of both hounds for larger game such as deer, and smaller hounds for the more agile game such as rabbit. There is much uncertainty about beagles regarding the origin of the name. Just about everyone, including the American Kennel Club who recognized the breed standard in 1885, agrees that the name stems from the French be'geule. The name is a mystery, however, in the breeder circles, as some believe that it means open or long mouth, and others feel that it refers to the signature baying of this dog on a trail.

An interesting fact about beagles involves their instinct, an internal drive more vast than one could imagine, that pulls their noses down and turns their ears off. It is nearly impossible to call a beagle hound off of a scent. He will not, or rather can not, leave it until it has been completely exhausted. This most often means that the beagle himself is exhausted, thus the basis of the old term pocket beagle. This name signifies the trusty hounds' rightful place riding along in the saddlebags of their horse bound masters after a long days hunt. The beagle was a much valued and esteemed companion during his 14th century rise, and the tradition of his honored existence thrives still today.

It is nearly impossible to resist the curious, deep expression of the beagle gaze. This extremely intelligent breed reserves the right to maintain his own identity, and tends to enjoy sticking to his regal roots. Often comical in everyday, ordinary circumstances, he makes as astute a lazy lap dog as he is a hunter. He needs ample exercise, preferably of the supervised sort, as the beagle is all about what's on the other side of the fence. He will dig for days if needs be, and he won't forget the scent that attracted him either. To discourage your beagle from revisiting a former hot spot, you will want to completely fill and pack the hole tightly, and then redirect your beagles attention whenever he approaches the area.

There are endless facts about beagles that must be learned, most of which reveal themselves as you venture into a relationship with one for yourself. They are every bit as rewarding as they are challenging, but you must determine your choice of pet based on what they need from you, not on what you want from them. Beagles that are to be left alone for long periods of time on a regular basis will benefit greatly from the companionship of another dog. They can learn to live with cats and other pets if they are introduced early enough. On the topic of his canine friend, however, it is best to only raise one puppy at a time, especially if you are a novice dog owner. Puppies will revert to pack like antics when they are together, and you run a greater risk of training difficulties when they gang up.

The Purpose And Mission Behind Beagle Rescue

Beagle rescue has grown alarmingly over the past ten years, and there are quite a few reasons for this. This unique and regal breed has gained fierce popularity with both families and singletons alike, as so many are instantly charmed by the deeply sweet, intelligent eyes of this beautiful pup. This first impression is not a false one by any means, as this dog is warm, smart, lively, comical, and not prone to aggression. He fits into just about any living space, or so many think due to his size, and is an often cost efficient alternative to many other pedigreed small dogs. So why the ever growing necessity for beagle rescue organizations? Well, let's start with the common misconception that this breed is small enough for small spaces.

This adorable puppy will eventually grow to anywhere between 16 and 40 pounds, which is quite small indeed. However his size in no way reflects his spirit, which is tireless and larger than the open prairie, through which he would happily roam for days if permitted. The beagle was created all of those many centuries ago to withstand hunting and trekking missions that often lasted for weeks. High energy, stamina, and an undying instinct for gathering vital information and steadfastly producing results, this dog is exactly what he was bred to be; an astute and avid hunter.

There is a saying about the regal beagle, which is something to the effect of, nose down, ears off. Nothing could explain the personality of this breed more profoundly. He has no intention of being bad, of misbehaving or causing trouble. He can be completely content one moment, curled up on the lap of his doting master, and be gone the next, off to find out who had the audacity to leave a fresh new scent beneath his tree. It is not his choice, it is his calling.

So many city dwellers become instantly taken with the beautiful beagle pup, only to find a year later that they have lost their pet either to death or dislocation. Beagle rescue has been implemented in nearly every state, offering an alternative to those who feel that they may have made the wrong choice in raising this breed.
There is another big contributor to the rising need for beagle rescue, and a rather sad one indeed. This has happened with Labradors, with rottweilers, beagles, and really any dog which shows a heightened interest within the public realm. The more popular the breed becomes, the more money there is to be made by irresponsible and reckless breeders. Over breeding, and often inbreeding, has become an excruciating and widespread dilemma, as thousands of these dogs are found living, and dying, under horrible conditions. Beagle rescue is a noble and worthy cause, and looking for loving volunteers and educated adopters in your area today.  

How To Find Reputable Beagle Breeders

The popularity of this comical, intelligent, independent breed has hit the roof, and with this demand comes a vast multitude of beagle breeders. Worldwide, this beloved breed is recognized by 7 separate kennel and breed associations, from the AKC to the FCI. The overwhelming demand for beagles which spiked nearly fifteen years ago has brought the reputability of many beagle breeders under scrutiny, and immense measures have been taken to sort the good from the bad. Breeding dogs is a business, but one which must be run with a moral and ethical backbone. There are a great many tips for finding the right beagle breeders, and bellow are just a few.

Try to visit the site on your own. Being present allows for a close inspection of daily routines, and one can usually tell if things are not as they should be. It can be difficult to witness the mistreatment and neglect of animals, but if you should be faced with sub-par or alarming conditions while in search of a puppy it is imperative that an authority be notified. Purchasing puppies just to get them out of bad situations is a lovely thought, but this type of sympathy money will only encourage further negligence. Unfit beagle breeders should be given no reason to feel justified in their wrongdoings.

Word of mouth can help considerably, for those who cannot be on premises to pick their own puppy and meet the parents. Better yet, you might want to ask your breeder of choice for at least five references from people who have purchased their animals. Contacting this many past recipients or more will give you a pretty decent ratio to base your decision on. You will want to ask some key questions, such as the conditions and health of the parents at the site, the kennel conditions, details about veterinary attention and exams, the stability of the environment, and how well the dogs were socialized by the breeder.

You will want to find out how the dogs are doing now as well, and whether there were any health issues with the puppy once he was purchased. If there were unexpected health or temperament issues, be sure to find out how well the breeder cooperated in rectifying the situation. Reputable and caring beagle breeders will offer a health guarantee, based on proper breeding practices and veterinary checks prior to the sale of the puppy. Should the unthinkable happen, there is most often a replacement or money back policy. There are also clubs and organizations who will prescreen the breeders for you, and these groups adhere to a very thorough prerequisite investigation of their members. There is help out there.

What Is A Pocket Beagle?

Well, a pocket beagle of course. The name is actually derived from the early horse huntsman days, when the regal little hounds used to ride shotgun in the saddle bags of their masters mounts. He is vibrant and lively, with a deeply curious expression and stamina not to be matched by a larger canine. They are tenacious when on the trail of a scent, making for a greater chance at success on the hunt. There are very specific criteria for the pedigreed pocket beagle, both in the physical and intellectual realms of the breed standard.

The pocket beagle has a short, thick coat which is easily cared for. Shedding is eminent, and a short curry combing per day will help to reduce the excess deposits on your couches and carpets. They are very social dogs, and thoroughly enjoy any attentions and affections offered by their owners, so getting him to sit still for grooming should not be a very difficult goal to reach. Be gentle in sensitive areas, such as the underneath of his hind legs, ears, and his bare belly region.

This breed is very active, and needs ample exercise to maintain both his athletic physique and his inherent sporting nature. Dogs need to be entertained in the same way that humans do, as they thrive for stimulation and adventure in a world that can seem way too small to hold their attentions. There is always something more pressing just beyond the fence to a pocket beagle who is either bored or left to his own devises. It is recommended that he have a canine companion if is being asked stay home alone for long periods of time. This friendship helps to occupy his plentiful mind and quench his anxieties while you are away at work.

The pocket beagle is a great companion animal, and the first impulse upon seeing this adorable hound is to run him straight home and dress him in a sweater. Try to be a bit more cautious than this, however, as the needs of this exceptional dog may be more than you are prepared to cater to. He is precious, he is sweet, and does well with small spaces. He needs exercise and outdoor time, however, and plenty of both.

As with any breed or mutt, sudden changes in diet can wreak havoc on his digestive system, causing binding, vomiting, diarrhea, and uncomfortable gastrointestinal issues. Aside from these conditions, this breed tends to be quite hardy are far as food allergies are concerned, and they thoroughly enjoy any meal placed before them. Feedings should always be accompanied by fresh, clean water, and potty training will be easiest if you form the habit of taking him outside directly after each meal, first thing in the morning, and just before bedtime.

Some Invaluable Information About Beagle Training

Anyone familiar with this fascinating breed will attest to the prevailing stress associated with beagle training. This breed is excruciatingly intelligent, yet is born of deep seated instincts which often render him unable to please their humans on a regular basis. Instinct, particularly that of an avid hunter, is a powerful force to be reckoned with when attempting beagle training, and you will need to keep your wits and patience about you as you consistently pull the best behavior out of your faithful little friend.

Corporal punishment is never recommended as a beagle training technique, as physically harming him will do none other than to make him fearful of you, confusing his delicate pride and often causing him to become despondent. The key to proper obedience training is a stress free reward system, wherein we use his devout desire to please us as a tool for the displacement of undesirable behaviors. This is done by redirecting unwanted behavior in place of what is acceptable. In example, you would distract your dog from digging beneath a fence by using a firm tone toward that behavior, and then immediately giving him a favorable alternative, such as a squeaky toy, and rewarding him joyously for playing with it.

The most important element of beagle training is realizing that your beagle really does wish to please you. He lives to make you happy, and wants this more than anything else. If you can maintain a consistently positive redirection of his instinctual habits, your chances of coming out ahead of the game are much higher. He senses your moods probably better than you do. He knows if you are frustrated or just too tired to get up and do something about his antics. Obedience classes are a great tool to embrace, but the bulk of the work in beagle training will be done best at home, on a routine basis. 

The come command is basic obedience technique which is often employed for the wrong reasons. Come should be a word that means good things to your dog. It should mean praise, attention, an exiting ride in the car, a tasty little tidbit of dried liver, and safety. When your beagle hears come, you want him to hurry back quickly and await his treasures. There are a great many instances, therefore, when the come command should not be used. If your dog is about to have treatments which he dreads, such as nail trimming, bathing, medications, and scolding, then the come command is not appropriate for obvious reasons. If he comes as he is told to do, and then receives unwelcome treatment once he has done so, he will no longer eagerly await that word. He will come to fear it, and for a beagle, that most likely means that he will ignore it ever hence.

Beagles Puppies And The Dogs They Will Become

There are few things as absolutely adorable as beagles puppies, with their deeply curious eyes and their overjoyed tails churning a million miles per second. The ears, the paws, the breath, it is almost more than the average human can stand. Those actively seeking beagle puppies should be well versed, however, on the innate characteristics and needs of this magnificent little hunting hound. His size, for instance, in no way depicts his personality or strength of character, and he should not be underestimated as far as mischief and run-a-mucking are concerned.

Beagle puppies are born in all of the classic hunter colors, including reds, tricolors, and lemon coats. The ears are long and graceful, though part of the beagle charm is that they appear to have a hard time carrying them about as youngsters. No worries about that however, as he will grow into them soon enough. The acceptable breed standard for ear length on an adult beagle is measured by gently bringing the ear forward toward the muzzle. The tip of the ear, when extended this way, should nearly touch the nostril area. Some ears extend further, but if they fall short of this mark it is considered a flaw. This type of deviation from the norm, along with such traits as an over or under bite and slight bone variations, determine the distinct difference between pet quality and show quality in beagle puppies.

Training of this independent minded breed takes on a much less stressful routine when started very early, some say as soon as seven weeks of age. The strong instinct of this hound has deep roots, so getting a head start by joyously rewarding the favorable actions of your puppy will benefit both of you greatly. He needs scenting activities to keep him stimulated and agile, and he needs frequent praise for each and every step he makes toward pleasing you.

Frequent trips outdoors, preferably once on every hour, will embed in him the desire to relieve himself in the yard rather than in his den. (His den being your home, but the center of his pack activities.)
Crate training must be done sparingly and correctly, as the abuse or overuse of this tool will be to his detriment. If he is to sleep in his crate, it should be placed in a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of bathroom and kitchen traffic, lights, noises, and children's play. He should feel safe and comfortable there, as his crate should be his sanctuary and never a jail. Using a crate for discipline or because you don't wish to be bothered by your dog is counterproductive, and can lead to anxiety. Puppies who are crated too often and for too long turn into dogs who are nervous and inconsolable. 

The Desperate Need For Beagle Adoption And Awareness

Beagle adoption organizations abound the world over during these times, as the caring public has awaken to the plight of abused and neglected animals of all breeds and species. Finding a suitable place to embark on the journey of beagle adoption will not be difficult, but the screening process can be. To give you an idea of the criteria that these volunteer services are looking for prior to releasing one of these gems into your care, let us start with some of the common reasons for the stifling numbers of homeless beagles available.

Experts attest to an increased demand for this wonderful breed within the past ten years, as they became a fashionable small dog and were prone to a kind temperament. Naturally, it was assumed by those seeking beagles that they had found the perfect, compact family or companion dog to suit their whims. And for the most part, this is true of the happy go lucky beagle. But irresponsible and materialistic breeders failed to educate their prospective buyers on the needs and innate traits of this marvelous breed, and those thousands of adorable puppies have grown into frustrated and  misunderstood dogs, ties to trees or passed along from home to home. And the worst fate of all, these precious animals are often abandoned to roam free through the perils of the world.

Beagles are vocal, busy, energetic, curious, and absolutely hilarious. They are also loving, sweet, loyal, and perfectly suited as gentle children's playmates. The perfect balance of behavioral amicability between these two contradicting personality categories can only be accomplished through proper training and complete understanding. The blind decision of some beagle owners has resulted in an overwhelming amount of displaced and very confused beagles. Reputable beagle adoption agencies rescue and shelter these dogs, take care of all of their veterinary and health needs, and evaluate each animal to determine what sort of family he or she needs in order to have a successful and happy life.

Many of these astute scent hounds are simply victims of horrible, old fashioned hunting traditions. These animals were raised, hunted, and kenneled in packs during their early years, and rarely were called upon as house pets. Some modern day hunters feel that good hunting dogs can not and should not be in the house, and that their natural instincts are best kept fresh by keeping the dog pent up, tied, or otherwise imprisoned and lonely. Tying and isolating these dogs does both physical and psychological damage that can be difficult to undo. These improperly socialized dogs are often malnourished as well, as they tend to be forgotten about more often than not. Sadly, many of these beautiful, deserving creatures are not good candidates for beagle adoption, and the waste of yet another life is eminent.

The Distinctive Pallet Of The Lemon Beagle

The only black that you are apt to find on a lemon beagle is on the nose and perhaps the toenails. The classic dark lining of his intelligent, engaging eyes are another classic mainstay to the lemon beagle, but that just about covers his color similarities to those of the more common scent hound pallets. He is born almost completely white, and it can be difficult to determine any patching or saddling on the newborn pup. The coat is a cream to white color throughout, and begins to change within the first three weeks of life.

The lemon beagle is greatly sought after by scent hound enthusiasts for his unique colorings. The breed standard calls for a solid deep cream to rich gold saddle on the lemon beagle. It is also favorable for the head markings to be consistent in size and color on both sides. For example, if your lemon beagle carries a bow shaped golden marking from the top middle of his head and down to the halfway mark of his ear, the opposite side should match up almost perfectly. This encourages a balanced and elegantly proportioned impression. 

Variances of this rule are common in all beagles, and though something as happenstance as coat markings can keep a pedigreed lemon beagle from the show ring, his color certainly has nothing to do with his indelible and endearing spirit.

The base color of the lemon beagle can range from crisp white to heavy cream, and is not at all uncommon for these dogs to be ticked or dappled in the head and leg areas. A very predominant feature in the colorings of all beagles is a white tail tip.

It is extremely rare in any variation of these breed to see a tail that is not at least tipped in white. This is part of natures design, it is thought, as the tail is bound to be the only part of this hound that is detectable through brush and heavy foliage on the hunt. Aside from his telltale bellow, the tail is the only discernable feature on this little powerhouse when he is full steam ahead with his nose to the ground.

The lemon beagle is bred as a specific color strain, and this is quite an elaborate scientific process. The genetics involved in creating specific color variations are complex and sometimes unpredictable. Recessive red genes in a lemon sire can cause a bitch to throw mahogany pups, which can be considered lemons if they are of the signature bicolor with a distinct saddle. Whatever coloring suits your fancy, be sure to choose your regal beagle for all of the right reasons, as this breed is larger than life and can definitely give the unsuspecting novice a run for their money.

The Outstanding Beagle Paws Chapter Near You

Beagle Paws is a universal movement, conceived of and perpetually motivated by the increasing need for beagle rescue and awareness worldwide. The plight has been made clear, as animal rescue specialists and control officers have placed thousands of abused and neglected beagles in the comprehensive care of Beagle Paws facilities over the past three years. This distinctive breed holds a higher risk of eventual alienation and displacement from his initial human families, as so many people choose this lovely little dog without proper knowledge of his needs and tendencies.

The beagle is an early English breed, designed for scenting and tracking small game ahead of their horse mounted masters. These hunts were long and vigorous, wherein the beagles hunted in packs. Stamina and an indelible spirit were steadfastly instilled in this hounds blood, and he carries that early instinct with him today.
The hounds were raised, hunted, and kenneled together, bringing the strong pack instinct to the forefront of his personality. He undergoes emotional damage when tied out alone. The annoying notice me, feed me, pet me baying gives way to heartbreaking howls and a submissive, timid greeting when he is paid attention to. Beagle Paws has but two missions: Save these forsaken dogs and find them permanent, loving homes with qualified families who are willing to be educated on the privileges of owning these unique hounds.

Beagle Paws does complete physical and psychological examinations on these mild mannered orphans as soon as they arrive to a facility. Beagles are in no way aggressive toward humans, but emotional stress and fear can cause any dog to behave defensively in a frightening situation. The goal is to get these beautiful animals healthy and to assess their approximate ages, weight goals, and dispositions. They are then slowly introduced to social situations involving both humans and other dogs in order to define their tolerances and amiabilities. Each beagle has a specific threshold for readjustment and for developing trust in humans again. Depending on the length of time he has been tied, kenneled, or astray, he may not come to life for a while after reconnecting with human care.

The resilience and trusting spirit of the beagle are magnificent and inspiring, though, and there is always hope of a complete recovery. He wants to be lead by a caring and confident leader, he wants to belong and to fit into a peaceful pack. It is now the job of the Beagle Paws volunteer staff to determine his proper placement with a deserving family. Should you be on the list of hopefuls, it is important that you be prepared to open both your heart and you wallet, as this worthwhile cause does not end when you walk out the door with your new friend. The plight of beagles is a constant thing, and those who dedicate their time and efforts toward the demise of beagle abuse could sure use a bit of support from time to time.

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