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Labrador Retriever in the grass

Labrador Retriever Information ▼

Name : Labrador Retriever

Other known names : Lab

Origin : United Kingdom, Canada

Size Type : Medium dog breeds

Breed Group : Sporting dog breeds (AKC)

Life span : 10-13 years

Temperament : Gentle, Intelligent, Good-tempered, Kind, Outgoing, Agile

Height : Male: 22-25 inches (56-62 cm) - Female: 21-24 inches (54-60 cm)

Weight Male : 30-36 kg - Female: 25-32 kg

Colors : Black, chocolate (brown), or yellow (pale cream)

Puppy Price : Average $500 - $1000 USD

The Labrador is a stable, loyal, gentle and exclusively reliable and good dog with little children. It could be used for hunt and for special training (leaders for blind people, invalid helpers, life-saving dogs, police dogs, personal security, sport activity and etc.). During the years the Labradors are used for every kind of work. They bring everything anytime. The dogs from this breed are work alcoholics and they need to do different kind of works, which we set, without a break. And yet we must not forget that Labradors are selected to be in position anytime.

The contemporary Labrador has grown up exclusively as a sport breed. Its phenomenal abilities have led to its using for other things - Labradors are one of the dogs with the strongest sense and are widely used in all kinds of life-saving jobs, also and for chasing drugs and explosives. Its good temperament and its magnificent abilities for training made them model helpers for invalids and the most successful leader dogs for blind people in the world. Labradors are great company for the children and for adults and their well-deserved popularity keeps growing every year.

Labrador's reputation as a loving pet is completely justified, but the masters of this loving and full of energy animal has to be prepared to deal with its temperamental, sometimes unruly nature, as they satisfy its huge need for movement and lot's of exercises. Originally the breed it created for work on the outside and that's why it needs a physically and mental activity. With its sociable and predisposing temper, Labrador has all qualities for being the perfect dog. But these characteristics have to be raised in it - from the moment, when you take the dog; you must pay attention to it, to meet it with new situations and to learn it to have a good attitude. Well-raised dog is a pleasure for you and for the others.
Labrador Retriever in the grass

Labrador Dogs need not only physical exercises but and mental tension. Labrador's master must use the unique abilities of these dogs - to play with them (including games with objects). These games bring joy to the animal, and could be used in help of the training, to make the relationship between the leader and the dog stronger, and just for a rest. Labrador would bring with joy any object to its master - it acts on instinct. This breed is thought of being the most trainable, followed by the German shepherd dog and some other breeds.

Selected to work under the human leadership, Labrador has the spirit of collaboration and it is very responsive to commands, demonstrating exclusively loyalty and obedience. As we said, it is famous for being very playful dog - sociable and curious from its birth, and usually using every chance to contact with other dogs. You can't count on this breed to protect your house barking. Friendly disposed Labrador sooner will show the house to the thieves. But it could tumble down an obtrusive person, because it has the habit to jump on everyone for welcome. This dog has the tendency to stay stolid in case of odd sounds, encirclement or people. This is connected with its development as a hunt dog with adapted, worriless and curious nature.
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