Naughty English Bulldog puppy caught by owner tearing open a beanbag

He was so proud of his work

An English Bulldog puppy owner left his household’s and when he came back he would have prefered it had been hit by a snowstorm after his puppy teared aside a beanbag and throwing its contents in all places.

Neil Kemp caught his canine Rocco on digicam after he lined the home in a sea of white beads.

Rocco seems disgrace confronted as he tries to keep away from the gaze of his sad proprietor.

The video reveals Rocco making an attempt and failing to keep away from eye contact

Neil Kemp defined he’d solely had the pet for eight weeks when the carnage was wrecked on his home

Mr Kemp, 35, might be heard scolding the five-month-old British Bulldog, asking: ‘What have you done? You bad dog.’

Rocco shuffles nervously as Neil blasts: ‘You think it’s funny, do you?
Electrician Mr Kemp, of Tredegar, south Wales, has owned Rocco for simply eight weeks.


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