Labrador The dog for all reasons and seasons

Many to at the Labrador as the best all round dog to own, and its popularity is well validated by the number of Labradors that are owned. 
On the whole, a lab is very accommodating dog, adjusting with your moods and your life style. If you are in mood to play, jog or swim, your lab is with you. If you wish to lie down and have a nice siesta, you will still find you lab with you. 
Lab will put up with almost anything from children, love then company and are tolerant to the point of saintliness, asking for nothing more in life than to be with the family. He is timely a dog for all reasons and seasons
Disaster work: Following in the path of the legendary Saint Bernard, Labrador retievers have become a vital part of rescue teams. 
Because of their keen sense of smell, Labradors are being trained to find people buried by the debris of earthquakes or similar disasters. The work is arduous and requires great concentration in dangerous surroundings. The dog must go to its task in the rubble of collapsed buildings, surrounded by the clamor of emergency vehicles, and often fire. 
The Labradors superior scenting ability has made it one of the top disaster dogs.

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