Labrador Retriever – The peoples choice

Labrador makes a great pet and the perfect companion, and is very devoted to his owners. They do however need attention and affection from their masters. 
The Labrador’s easy going friendly temperament makes him a popular choice for a family dog. Labrador are popular because they are such friendly, eager dogs. 
They appeal to almost everyone. They are good pets. They are good retrievers. They are good workers. 
You can keep a labrador in the city or in the town. If you have to go on vacation, your Labrador will do well in a kennel or hostel while you are away. Labrador also get along with other pets even kittens, horses and birds.
The Labrador loves being busy, and, just as he helped fishermen 200 years ago, so he will try to be useful around the house – whether that involves bringing in the morning news paper or fetching your slippers. 
Your Labrador will love sharing his life with you, and will do everything to show his devotion. It is this loyal, loving character that has assured the breed’s current success and means that he will probably remain the most popular pedigree dog for the next 300 years.

Dostahoff Labradors –

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