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Labrador Retriever Mix With Other Dog Breeds

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Labrador Retriever Mix With Other Dog Breeds 2016

We do not encourage dog breeds mixes but these thing sometimes happen. If a dog gets free and runs away from home for a while, it can mate with another dog breed without the owner knowledge and othe dog breed mixes appear this way. 

You can see a full list of labrador retriever with other dog breeds mix below:

Labrador Retriever x Afghan Hound mix = Afador
Labrador Retriever x Airedale Terrier mix = Lab'Aire
Labrador Retriever x Alaskan Malamute mix = Alaskan Malador
Labrador Retriever x American Bulldog mix = American Bullador
Labrador Retriever x American Cocker Spaniel mix = Spanador
Labrador Retriever x American Pit Bull Terrier mix = Labrabull
Labrador Retriever x Australian Cattle Dog mix = Labraheeler
Labrador Retriever x Australian Shepherd mix = Australian Aussiedor
Labrador Retriever x Australian Shepherd or GSD mix = Sheprador
Labrador Retriever x Basset Hound mix = Bassador
Labrador Retriever x Beagle mix = Labbe
Labrador Retriever x Bernese Mountain Dog mix = Labernese
Labrador Retriever x Bloodhound mix = Labloodhound
Labrador Retriever x Border Collie mix = Borador
Labrador Retriever x Boston Terrier mix = Boston Lab
Labrador Retriever x Boxer mix = Boxador
Labrador Retriever x Brittany Spaniel mix = Labany
Labrador Retriever x Bullmastiff mix = Bullmasador
Labrador Retriever x Cane Corso Italiano mix = Labrador Corso
Labrador Retriever x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix = Cavador
Labrador Retriever x Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix = Chesador
Labrador Retriever x Chihuahua mix = Labrahuahua
Labrador Retriever x Chow Chow mix = Chabrador
Labrador Retriever x Clumber Spaniel mix = Clumber Lab
Labrador Retriever x Cocker Spaniel x Poodle mix = Petite Labradoodle
Labrador Retriever x Collie mix = Labollie
Labrador Retriever x Corgi mix = Corgidor
Labrador Retriever x Dachshund mix = Dachsador
Labrador Retriever x Dalmatian mix = Dalmador
Labrador Retriever x English Bulldog mix = Bullador
Labrador Retriever x English Springer Spaniel mix = Labradinger
Labrador Retriever x German Shepherd Dog mix = German Sheprador
Labrador Retriever x German Shorthaired Pointer mix = German Shorthaired Lab
Labrador Retriever x German Wirehaired Pointer mix = German Wirehaired Lab
Labrador Retriever x Golden Retriever mix = Golden Labrador
Labrador Retriever x Goldendoodle x Labradoodle mix = Double Doodle
Labrador Retriever x Great Dane mix = Labradane
Labrador Retriever x Great Pyrenees mix = Pyrador
Labrador Retriever x Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog mix = Labahoula
Labrador Retriever x Mastiff mix = Mastador
Labrador Retriever x Pointer mix = Lab-Pointer
Labrador Retriever x Poodle mix = Labradoodle
Labrador Retriever x Rhodesian Ridgeback mix = Rhodesian Labrador
Labrador Retriever x Rottweiler mix = Labrottie
Labrador Retriever x Saint Bernard mix = Labernard
Labrador Retriever x Shar Pei mix = Lab Pei
Labrador Retriever x Siberian Husky mix = Siberian Retriever
Labrador Retriever x Timber Wolf mix = Wolador
Labrador Retriever x Toy or Miniature Poodle mix = Labradoodle Miniature
Labrador Retriever x Toy or Miniature Poodle mix = Miniature Labradoodle
Labrador Retriever x Vizsla mix = Labralas
Labrador Retriever x Weimaraner mix = Labmaraner

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Published in Labrador Retriever History on 2016-28-02 Labrador Retriever Mix With Other Dog Breeds
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