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Information Regarding Pet Insurance

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Information regarding Pet Insurance 2016

The pet insurance is not compulsory insurance, unless the customer owns a dog considered potentially dangerous. However, pet insurance is recommended as the owner of the animal is liable to third parties or others for loss or damages resulting goods.

For this reason, insurance companies offer Liability insurance for dogs and cats under various insurance arrangements. Among the modalities most common hiring pet insurance are:

Pet Insurance

Liability for animals
Liability family that includes animal
Home insurance with specific coverage for pets 

The pet canine or feline species must meet certain requirements in order to hire their corresponding pet insurance:

Be between 3 months and 9 years old.
Be properly registered and identified by plate number, microchip or tattoo.
Have all vaccinations in order and European pet passport.
Not be predestined for the use of hunting or any other sport. 
Insurance for dogs

Some regions have a special law regarding the obligation to take out insurance for dogs, others do not require, however insurance for dogs protects the user against any mishap, a bite or a destruction of any private property, among others.

When insurance for dogs should consider are what the coverage most important to be taken into account:

Liability:  covers damage caused by the animal, and compensation that they are derived.
Legal Defense:  provides legal assistance and guarantees to own defenses or claims arising judgments.
Veterinary assistance:  to accidents, diseases or possible violations.
Robo:  compensation for the value of the dog in case of theft
Disappearance: cost of placing advertisements of any kind for the search as newspapers, radio, among others.
Hospitalization: it expenses for illness hospital.
Sacrifice: cost slaughter and disposal of carcasses. 
Insurance potentially dangerous dogs

The law requires anyone to ensure dog considered potentially unsafe. They consideration of potentially dangerous dogs who belong to the following breeds and their crosses : Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffodshire Terrier, Rottweiler, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Tosa Inu and Akita Inu.

Just as those dogs who manifest a markedly aggressive nature and whose characteristics match those listed below:

Strong musculature, powerful, robust, athletic constitution, agility, stamina and endurance
Character and marked courage
Short Hair
Chest measurement of 60 to 80 inches, height 50 to 70 centimeters and a weight exceeding 20 kg
Voluminous, wide neck, short and muscled Head
Massive chest, wide, large arched ribs
Straight, parallel and robust forelimbs and very muscular hindquarters. 
It is important to recognize the need for a license for the possession of potentially dangerous animals. The conditions required for the issue of such license are to be of age, certificate of criminal record, do been sanctioned for offenses relating to the possession of potentially dangerous animals, medical certificate of physical fitness and psychological fitness, and accreditation have concluded a liability insurance for third party damage coverage of not less than 120,000 euros.

Insurance hounds 

To go hunting is required to obtain a license. In some hunting insurance included in their coverage to the hounds.

The standard pet insurance does not cover the hunting dog; therefore, it is necessary to include the dogs in hunting Mandatory insurance or voluntary insurance Liability Dog Hunting.

Liability insurance for hunting dogs cover injuries or damage that may cause the insured dogs. The limit amounts of money per dog to cover will depend mainly on the companies.

Safe for cats 

As is the case with insurance for dogs, insurance for cats can be included in the home insurance cover and so others.

However, there is also the possibility of an independent insurance Liability for Cats, which in his case would cover among others, healthcare, theft or loss and hospitalization if necessary.

Among the toppings should contain major insurance cats are: 

Liability: cover damages caused by the animal, and compensation that they are derived.
Legal Defense: Legal assistance and guarantees to own defenses or claims arising judgments.
Veterinary assistance: to accidents, violations and diseases.
Robo: Cat compensation value if stolen, these payments typically do not exceed 80% of the value of the cat.
Wayward: cost of placing advertisements in newspapers, radio for your search.
Hospital: hospital expenses in case of disease.
Sacrifice: in the case of old age or incurable disease covers the cost of slaughter and disposal of remains. 
Conclusion on pet insurance

The pet insurance pet owner to offer the tranquility to any incident that may occur from the animal attack until death or loss through theft, among others.

When dealing with pet insurance, we focus in detail on the insurance for dogs and cats safe, but they are not the only pet insurance, but the most common ones are usually hiring.

Depending on the insurance company can be found more or less variety in what relates to the insurance for pets and pet animals. Other insurance for pets, although less frequent, are insurance for horses, insurance for exotic animals or insurance for any other type of pet.

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