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German Shepherd Characteristics

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German Shepherd Characteristics 2016

The German Shepherd is the most widely used working dog in the world. Not only is this dog a mainstay  for the police, custom officials, and the military, but rescue workers and the blind know that they can rely on their excellent sense and unfailing loyalty and zest for work. German Shepherds have an above – average capacity to function as tracking , rescue, and avalanche dog, as well as guard and defense dog. 

These dogs also excel at dog sports. Where agility, fly ball , obedience, and training are concerned, the German Shepherd holds his ground. That is not only because of his good sense of smell and stamina, extremely high intelligence, quick response, and attentiveness , but mainly because German Shepherds are unconditionally loyal to their master and like to please him. They are relatively quick to understand how  to do this. The German Shepherd is , therefore, a true working dog that wants to live for, but especially with, his master. That is why this breed is suitable for many people, although certainly not for everyone.

German Shepherd Dog and family

German Shepherd like to be a part of the family. This does not mean that the dog has to stay inside the house. German Shepherds can be kept very well in an outside kennel in a frost-free place, though this is not ideal if the dog has to stay there most of the day. Most German Shepherds adore their masters. If such a dog is forced to live isolated from the family, it will experience this as severe punishment. German Shepherds often develop a definite preference for one family member, but they are also fine company for other family members and even gets as upset as you if something happens to them – and maybe even more. This tendency shown by most German Shepherds to be protective toward children is very touching, but also has its drawbacks. It also means that the dog will intervene when he thinks “his” child is threatened. So always keep an eye on him when your children are playing with other children. The urge to protect and guard is in every German Shepherd's blood. You really do not have a stimulate these qualities. In case of danger he will make himself heard, and if worst comes to worst he will stand right by you. Is is also in their nature to follow everything that happens. Some take this so far that they follow their masters all around the house, which is not appreciated by everyone.

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Published in Dog Breeds on 2016-16-02 German Shepherd Characteristics
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