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South Russian Ovcharka


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Dog Breed GroupHerding Dogs
Height24 - 25 inches
Weight108 - 110 pounds
Life Span9-11 years

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About the South Russian Ovcharka dog breed:

The South Russian Ovcharka is a large dog breed that is commonly used to guard flocks of sheep. It is very skilled at this, and is equipped with all the necessary attributes that are needed for this task. Some of these dogs have even been described as being giants. They have large heads that are heavy, and their coats are thick and elaborate, which protects them in the rigid conditions that would have to endure in cold environments like Russia. These dogs should have muscular bodies with a structure that is a bit elongated. The South Russian Ovcharka is smaller than the other Ovchartkas, and should weigh no more than 99 pounds, and may stand at a maximum height of 25 inches.
The South Russian Ovcharka is a respected breed that has been used to protect both flocks and property against thieves and other wild animals. It is the ideal guard dog.

Also Known As

Ioujnorousskaļa Ovtcharka
South Russian Sheepdog
Country of Origin: Russia


Despite their size, the South Russian Ovcharka has a balanced temper. However, it will be wary and aggressive towards any strangers it encounters. The South Russian Ovcharka variation has a number of the characteristics that are commonly seen in the Caucasian Ovcharka and the East European Ovcharka. It will both herd and protect flocks from predators. They are very similar to the Doberman Pinscher when it comes to their behavior. They can be extremely aggressive towards others if they are not properly socialized, but they will submit to their masters better than the other variations.

Health Problems

The South Russian Ovcharka is a tough dog that does not suffer from a large number of genetic health problems. However, it may develop hip dysplasia because of its size. The South Russian Ovcharka may have a maximum life expectancy of 12 years.


The South Russian Ovcharka is an active breed that needs large amount of exercise. However, due to its independent nature, these dogs may be able to exercise themselves if they are given a sufficient amount of space. These dogs are not good for people who live in either apartments or small homes. They need plenty of space to move around in. Owners will not want to unleash them in public, as they may display aggressive behavior towards other people or dogs.

Special Grooming Needs

It has an extensive coat that may need more than just the typical grooming. Owners will want to brush or comb the coat daily, and any mats or tangles that are found should be removed.
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